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Salvation Church History


Salvation Church was incorporated in December 1999 by Pastor Jerry L. Taylor and first lady Darlene Taylor.  The expressed purpose and vision of this newly established church was to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our beginning was like Abraham; it was indeed a walk of FAITH.


As a Christian Church we seek to conduct religious services to assist the community to lead productive Christian lifestyles. The original founding incorporators were Jerry Taylor, Darlene Taylor, and Gloria Davenport. After receiving the blessing of our pastor, we decided to plant a church on the South Side of Chicago and rent out the existing church facility at 750 West 90th St. Our church scripture is found in Psalm 27:1 which says, “The Lord is my Light and my Salvation.”


Our very first service was held on February 6th 2000 at 9 am where a host of friends and families attended.  Pastor Taylor’s first sermon was entitled “I’m Not Afraid.” The first soul to come to the Lord on our first Sunday was His brother, Charles Taylor. Teaching and commissioning others has become a hallmark of the church.


On March 19th our pastor, Bishop Arthur M. Brazier gave us great and wisdom and insight and officially installed us during an illuminating service that gave us overwhelming encouragement as we pursued the work of our new ministry. We looked forward to making a positive impact in our community and seeing the manifestations of God’s favor as we serve Him in spirit and in truth. Our ministry would be Christ centered, innovative and powerful because it was birthed on Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and soon coming King..


In 2001 we began to seek a church home of our own and further organization for growth. After a long search and arduous process, on October 26, 2003 we closed the deal on not one but 2 church properties located 75 (Church) & 69 (Annex) East 83rd Street in Chicago, IL. On March 28, 2004 we dedicated our church facilities unto the Lord Jesus for the building of God’s kingdom. There we found that the Presence of God was present to heal. Many families have been blessed by our “Ministry of Love,” including many youths who’ve attended college with the assistance of our Excel Committee and Excellence Scholarship Fund.


Salvation Church has sponsored popular Community Health Fairs and Outdoor Youth Explosions to take the gospel to the streets! Ministering to the whole man spirit, soul and body is what we strive for.  Many said yes to Christ during our outreach efforts, which reinforced the need to expand our evangelistic efforts. Pastor Taylor’s philosophy of a “Church that Works” was definitely being realized. Many seeds of the gospel have been planted and watered over the years, which has kept so many faithful saints grateful and indeed humble to be used as a vessel of the Lord. Becoming a referral resource center has helped us assist thousands of people in need. We are indeed a church with a “Big Heart”: helping others however we can.


The ministry outreach has touched many lives and has partnered with other ministries to extend the ministry of Jesus Christ. Pastor Taylor’s teaching and preaching has reached across denominational walls and has galvanized other pastors with the spirit of unity. The vision encompasses networking and collaboration from across the city and country. In 2013 Apostle Taylor galvanized a Peace March to raise the consciousness and desperate need for increased safety in our neighborhoods and especially in our schools. The march spurred other groups from across the city to lift their voices in a peaceful and constructive manner beckoning dialogue and collaboration on behalf of our precious youth. Apostle Taylor and Pastor Darlene Taylor has dedicated their lives to higher education and community service and in 2013 was awarded their honorary doctorates for their Christian service.


The half has not been told concerning the lives touched and ministered to in the past 15 years. Through hardships we’ve overcome! Through challenges we’ve overcome. Through sickness we’ve overcome! In Jesus Name! By the grace of God we have Prevailed! We look forward to our future with great expectations! Knowing that our future is great as we continue to Prevail in His Presence! This is the His-tory of Salvation Church.

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