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Sunday Worship
Sunday 11:30am

Here at Salvation you will find a friendly atmosphere where everyone is loved and appreciated. Every Sunday you can hear our praise and worship taking over the corner of 83rd & Michigan. Sundays at Salvation Church are an exciting time of Christian fellowship where the Word of God is taught in simplicity and wisdom.


Bible Study

Wednesday 7:15pm


Come and discuss compelling topics and biblical series that will build your faith and spiritually enrich your life. Grow closer to God through learning his word.

*Due COVID-19, we have postponed Bible Study. Please visit us for Sunday Worship.


Intercessory Prayer

Friday 7:30pm


P.U.S.H. Pray Until Something Happens! Friday night is our time of refreshing and spending extended time in God's presence in prayer. Intercessory prayer embodies the vision Jesus Christ gave us when he stated that my house (church) should be called the "House of Prayer".

*Due COVID-19 we have postponed Intercessory Prayer. Please visit us for Sunday Worship.


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